Shipping Policy

Thank you for choosing ADIBO(store.adibo.com) as your shopping platform. To ensure that you have the best service experience during your shopping, we have established the following shipping policy:

  1. Delivery Range: Our delivery range covers most countries and regions around the world. Please refer to the detailed page of your region for specific delivery information.
  2. Delivery Methods: We offer a variety of delivery methods for your selection, including sea freight (30-50 days). For specific delivery methods, please refer to the detailed page of your region.
  3. Customer Service Contact: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:
    • Customer Service Email: adibo@adibo.com
    • Customer Service Phone: +86 400-000-9773   +64 21 226 8666
  4. Import Taxes, Duties, and Fees Charged by the Destination Country/Region: Although rare, international shipping may require payment of import taxes, duties, and fees imposed by the destination country/region. You will be responsible for these costs. It is your responsibility to clear customs for the shipped goods. When customs clearance procedures are required, you are responsible for cooperating directly with the shipping company or customs.
  5. Costs Caused by the Recipient, Such as Address Changes, Package Holding, Return Charges, etc.: The recipient is also responsible for paying costs caused by changes to the address, package holding, return charges, etc., incurred by the recipient. Therefore, please ensure that you have the correct address information, including a stored phone number.


  1. Which Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship globally, excluding regions marked as restricted or high-risk by courier services, such as Belarus, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe. If you wish to ship to any of these countries, we will make alternative arrangements that may cost more. However, we cannot guarantee the arrival of the goods.

  1. When Will My Order Be Shipped?

We aim to batch ship all orders twice a week. *The actual shipping date may vary. We will keep you informed about the shipping date of your products.

It is essential to keep the correct address and phone number on file. Incorrect address information can lead to very high return costs.

  1. Must I Pay VAT/Sales Tax?

Yes, the amount will depend on the regulations of your country/region.

We are committed to serving you with dedication and look forward to your visit!

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